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Additionally, my great interest is in name creation... a name for your start-up company, or perhaps a name for a new product or service you offer.

I have another passion too, which is good for you. Your dollar is valued here. You are not an open spigot for my vacation dreams. As a consumer, I also want to see my dollar well spent.

The big creative firms with a national & international presence do good work, no doubt,...they certainly have the staff for it; but they also do one particular thing with your money...they generally tend to waste it by selling you a long lasting array of services. They'll convince you that it will take a year or more to design a logo...really! After all... research time, evaluation, analysis, strategy, layers of management consensus, evaluation and testing...all for $50-250k per logo.

...never underestimate the extent a company will go to to defend their position when it affects the bottom line.

It's the rare entrepreneur who has this kind of budget upfront for creative services. Can you afford this? Where do you go...who are you gonna call...no, not Ghost Busters this time. IDENTIVOS, like many other small creative studios, service clients online primarily, (virtual), which in turn means lower fees. The online model reduces overhead costs yet still provides the highest caliber of work.

It's basic human nature...”big business” only feels that “big creative” can properly service their needs...after all, they are big, so they must have big needs to be met...right? Ultimately, there's a need for all levels of service.

I sincerely hope you'll like and appreciate the work presented here. Hopefully something, ...a thought...a design or a naming example will resonate enough for you to desire a consultation with me...a short basic discussion is always provided freely.

Let me know when I can help you with your creative needs. If you were here we'd likely be enjoying a single malt Scotch together while discussing your upcoming project. Maybe you already have a good business name...maybe you thought you did? Let's discuss it. I hope to hear from you soon.


Alan Bennington


The name IDENTIVOS ™ is what's known as a portmanteau word, an amalgam or combination of two words: identity and vos. Vos is a personal pronoun used in areas of So. America...a familiar form of “you” or “tu”... Together they become IDENTIVOS ™ or 'your identity'...and that's what I do...create an identity for you or your business.

BoxedBrands.com is my marketplace for ready-made/turnkey brandable logo/domain packages. Here you’ll find a large selection of highly brandable domain names. A large assortment of names and logo styles is offered along with affordable prices. Logos can come with or without a domain name. Additionally, they can be extensively edited with regard to color and font selection ensuring a perfectly customized “design fit” for your particular business sector or application...take a peek today!


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